Benefits of Needleplus

What are the benefits of using Needleplus to the Fashion Designer?

As with all things in Life, necessity is the mother of all inventions.

On Tuesday, a budding Fashion Designer going by the name Ayinde Ridwan, emailed me and here was his question -

What would be my benefit if I share my design on your site?

Prior to this, I had never really though in a well articulated way, how to explain what we do for Fashion designers who share their designs. We had founded Needleplus on a set of principles and we had hoped anybody who visited our site will immediately grasp the need for our Style hosting solutions. Obviously, we were wrong!

However, here was my reply:

Oh. Its great you asked.

Now for starters, seeing as you probably contract business online, supposing you have a potential client who needs a quick overview on how skilled you are and your previous work/portfolio or examples of your work, how do you showcase it? By sending all your numerous style pics through Whatsapp?

Also, supposing you are a very good and smart designer (which your probably are), how do people discover your work organically? without you always promoting yourself?

The bigger question should be - what do you have to lose by posting on the site when you have all to gain? was imagined to be a sort of portfolio site for designers and fashion enthusiasts, to find and share style inspirations. The designs you see on the site today were shared by people who selflessly wants to help others look better or help fellow designers, create better.

The last point is that, though we are relatively young, (less than 2months), our reach is way off the charts and we can get you in front of the right audience (people who want to sew)

If you doubt this, quickly upload a good style photo and in a matter of days, come back to see how many people viewed your photo or added it to their wishlist of things they like to own. Don't forget to include the link to your site or your phone number in your bio or profile page. You can easily signup here to test it out - ...

To your success.
From The Needleplus Team.

Few minutes later, I got a reply from Mr. Ridwan.

"OK, I'm convinced"...

Hope this helps convince you too to try out Needleplus...

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