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You know those times you are confused about how to wear your natives or how to style those pants,skirts,blazers etc or even when you get to your tailor and you have very limited choice of styles to sew.I have been in that position countless times.
There's a solution and it's NEEDLE+


2. NeedlePlus – Share and discover style inspirations

Personally I love the concept of Needle+ and I appreciate the effort the team has put behind creating this platform.



I know how daunting it can be when we get to search for Fashionable Styles from the pages of magazines and getting our stylist to give us the perfect fit. Good news is that all that is about to change, as NEEDLE PLUS is here to fix.

Source: Ethniques Blog

4. This thing called Fashion

You get to browse through really cool styles all on a spot, find one that suits you and save yourself and your tailor the headache of sewing something annoying. 

Source: Olaitan's Blog

About the CEO - Izundu Howard

Bio: Izundu is a 21 year-old Tech guy who loves building Products  that are valuable to people.

1. CEO Weekends: 18 Year-Old Nigerian Youth Launches To Disrupt Africa’s Job Recruitment Industry.

Howard Izundu, an 18 year-old developer has launched, an online recruitment platform for members only, that he say will change the way firms hire in Nigeria and Africa.

Source: Techmoran

2. Young entrepreneur sets sights on recruitment market

An 18-year-old Nigerian developer has launched a new recruitment platform aimed at changing recruitment in Nigeria.

Source: BizTechAfrica

3. Young entrepreneur launches recruitment platform aimed at changing recruitment in Nigeria.

Recruitment Buzz U.K

4. 18 Year-Old Nigerian Wants To Disrupt Africa’s Job Recruitment Industry

Source: Mashada

5. Someone’s Made A Site To Democratize Access To Nigerian Legislators

 Izundu Howard has built a website to help people locate Nigerian Representatives. It’s making information like constituency office location, email address, contact phone numbers etc. easy to get for anyone who needs it.

Source: TechCabal

6. Izundu Howard wants Make Access to Nigerian Legislators Easy

Source: NewsPoint

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